Sunday, 27 May 2012

Riveted Ring with Chalcedony Druzy II

This is my second Icy Lake Druzy Ring, a little bigger than the first!

Except for the beautiful druzy chalcedony stone, the main feature of this ring is the use of rivets. I am very impressed with riveting, because it has so much potential both as an element of design and as a technical solution. Also I found the riveting procedure relaxing (after practicing a lot of times to find my pace)!
I want to use this technique in more rings and other kinds of jewelry.

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To make it, I traced the druzy on a piece of paper and drew freeform shapes around it, for the base and the «cover» of the stone. When I was happy with the shapes, I sawed them from sterling silver sheet. I also sawed the ring shank and the bezel.
Next I filed and sanded everything. I prefer to file and sand the different parts before soldering, as it is much more easier to reach all the spots that afterwards may be hidden in narrow or awkward places.
After that I soldered the different parts together except the cover. I put the stone in the bezel and finally I riveted the cover on the top. This way the stone is protected and secured. Also it lets the light to reach the druzy from the sides.

If you make jewelry, what is your experience of riveting? What kind of pieces have you made? I'm sure the variety of riveted pieces is enormous!