Friday, 15 June 2012

Inspirational works: Emily Cobb

When I first saw her work the strange beauty of her pieces  immediately caught my attention. They have a  personality of their own, even if they are not worn. When they are on the body, it seems like they evolve from it, connecting the tangible reality with an invisible world that exists in and around the body...  The photos seem to have captured the moment when a part of this world is materialized.

"Billy watched anxiously as the bubble blew away 
from his wandand drifted into the air. Up... up... up it floated 
with the fish still floating inside."

Some of the pieces are followed by a small text that gives hints or adds mystery to the story that each piece describes. 
She has created many more beautiful pieces and stories. Discover them in her  website and in here.


  1. wow- those are inspiring. And yes, so unusual.

  2. Yes, and I'm also impressed by the use of "unnatural" materials like photopolymer and silicone and nylon etc. to create pieces so gentle and organic. There are no boundaries in creativity!