Monday, 5 November 2012

EtsyMetal Blog Carnival: «Why do you make jewelry?»

It's the first Monday of November, time for the EtsyMetal Blog Carnival.  
Team members write on a common theme. This time it is: «Why do you make jewelry?»

First of all, I love the whole DESIGN process. It gives me the opportunity to explore interesting themes (art history, sea life, comics, emotions, buildings, anything!) and translate them into pieces. I collect information and images in my mind, I let them develop for several days and make connections. Sometimes I make a lot of sketches, while others I have a more intuitive and direct approach.
All this, combined with the limitations (the piece has to be wearable, and metal or any other  material has it's own qualities that have to be taken into account), make a nice challenge.

The FABRICATION part has it's own charm: I love working with metal and as time goes by I learn more things and I slowly build my own studio. Jewellery making means spending a lot of time alone in the studio, and I love being in there, concentrating on my projects and getting creative with materials and tools.

I also like jewelry's SMALL SCALE because it makes it so easy to have a personal object always on your body. And of course it makes me really happy when people wear my pieces. Although there's no practical reason to wear it, it fills the need for EXPRESSION either by creating, wearing or offering it. It can be much more than simply body decoration.

And for me it is a way to convert my ideas, concepts, interests, images into tangible 3d objects.

In making jewelry, I love the journey of transformation
from the flat piece to the final object.

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  1. Great pendant full of inspiration and creativity , revived from your memories .

    1. Thank you! Memories are like a treasury of ideas waiting to be found and converted into new works!